Amazing Story of Faith!!!

Brian Sweeney’s Testimony / Medical Story Scottsdale Bible Church  PLEASE SHARE!!! My story is very unique, and I have been called by God to share it.

The story I have to tell is all about the importance of counting your blessings. It is about understanding that a relationship with God is the most important thing in the world, and that we have been blessed beyond our belief. The story teaches kids, teens and adults that they should thank God for all of the little things He blesses them with. It is also all about learning to use their gifts to glorify God here on this Earth. It is a wonderful talk for new Christians, long term Christians and even those who have not come to Christ. 

As stated previously, my story is very unique. Long story short, I have an autoimmune disease called ALPS; this disease makes it much easier for me to get sick. Because of this disease, last year, I was sent to the hospital with a diagnosis of Strep pneumonia and sepsis. I was on all kinds of life support and had to fight my way to stay alive. It became so severe that they put me in a medically induced coma to keep me alive. This lasted for a total of two weeks. After waking up, I was in the hospital recovering for a total of three months. During that time I was forced to amputate my fingers and my toes and went through a total of about 10 different surgeries. Unfortunately, I also lost kidney function and am now on dialysis.

What got me through this time was my belief in the Lord and His plan for me. It is with hope that I may share my story with the people in your congregation; and help inspire them to strengthen the relationship that they have with the Lord.

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