So grateful for his tender mercies!

In Psalm 68 David reminds us of God’s glory and power. We will all face trials and hardships, but this passage shows that God will continue to stay by our side to protect and defend us. Psalm 68:5 says, “To the fatherless he is a Father, To the widow he is a Champion Friend. To the lonely, he gives a family. To the prisoner, he leads into prosperity Until they each sing for joy.”

Despite that you might be fatherless, be an orphan, be lonely, or be a prisoner it is always possible to sing praises of joy because He is father, friend, family, and He leads all into prosperity. He meets you right where you are to be exactly who you need Him to be. He brings life to dead situations. He comforts those who are mourning. He takes away all the loneliness. He becomes family.

God can relate to each and every situation you are going through. No parents? Divorce? Suicidal? Homeless? Depressed? Fatherless? Child-less? Jobless? Spouse-less? He gets it! When you truly understand that He is concerned and has deep compassion for every one of these situations which includes the broken, needy, and the weak you will experience a fullness of joy.

Can you relate to any of these earlier descriptions? He wants to bring you into prosperity. He wants you to be overwhelmed with HIS joy! Let His joy be your strength as He meets you right where you are. 

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Alive Unto God

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. —Isaiah 55:6