Psalms For Financial Breakthrough

Psalms For Financial Breakthrough

Psalm 84:11: Our Lord is the sun and shield, he gives glory and grace to those who believe him, and no good thing will he withhold from those that walk in his path. Wealth is a good thing, therefore the Lord will not withhold it from you.

Psalm 23:1: The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in need, he makes me duel in a green pasture. If God is your Shepherd, you are not supposed to lack anything why? Because he provides everything the sheep want to survive with.

Psalm 90:17: Here, the Lord has promised to establish the works of your hand, when he promises, he makes it come to pass.

Psalm 115: 14-16: The Lord shall increase you and your children, you shall be blessed in everything you do in life. This is the promise of the father, fear not for you will be blessed by this God.

Psalm 1:3, you shall be like the tree planted on the Riverside, it brings on its fruit in due season, its leaves shall not wither, whatsoever he does prosper. This is the word of God, do not be afraid, for the Lord shall make you prosperous, you shall lack nothing in life as far as he has promised.

Psalm 92:4: The Lord will make me glad through his works, I will triumph in the works of his hands.

Psalms 107:38: He blesses them all so that they are greatly multiplied so that they will not suffer a decrease.

Psalm 5:12: For the Lord will bless the righteous with favour

Psalm 72:15: He shall live, and to him shall be given all the gold of Sheba.

Psalm 115: The Lord shall cause you and your children to flourish.

Psalm 24:1: The earth belongs to God, all in it and those who duel in it. If the earth belongs to God, it means that he has every right to make everything in it work in your favour.

Psalm 104:24: In wisdom, the Lord has made everything on earth, and everything here belongs to him.

Other Bible Verses for Financial Breakthrough

1. Haggai 2:8: Here, the Lord declares that Silver is his, and Gold is his. This means that whatsoever good thing a man needs belongs to God.

2. Acts 4:24: According to verse, our God being Sovereign makes the heaven and the earth, the sea and everything in it. Therefore, whatsoever is on earth belongs to God and he has the authority to give to his children.

3. Proverbs 3:9-10: We are obliged to honour the Lord with our possessions and also with the first fruit of our increase, by so doing, our store shall be filled, and we will lack nothing.

4. Proverbs 28:25: Greed can cause chaos while trusting in the Lord leads to prosperity.

5. Proverbs 11:24-25: According to NLT, If you freely give, you will become wealthier, but a stingy man loses everything. The generous the Bible says will prosper. Why hold one, when you can give out freely so that God blesses you?

6. Luke 6:38: If you give, it will be given to you in good measures, you will be given more, in full, shall men sow into your life. This is a promise meant for givers alone. If you truly want to be wealthy in life, be a giver and not a taker alone.

7. Philippians 4:6: Do not be anxious about what tomorrow holds, but in everything, pray.

8. Deuteronomy 8:18: You have to remember the Lord your God, for he has given you the power to command wealth so that he establishes the covenant he made to our fathers.

9. Isaiah 45:3: The Lord has promised to give to us hidden treasures and wealth in hidden places so that I will know that he is God.

10. Job 41:11, This verse makes me understand whatsoever is on earth is mine.

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