From ancient to present, one of the cries of the believer has always been “Oh Lord how long?”  As we look around at our world spinning out of control, it’s very easy for us in our limited understanding to question the timetable upon which God operates.  But to the Lord, a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day, and therefore Peter seeks to encourage the Church with the sure knowledge that God is in absolute sovereign control of all things; this is the direct testimony of Scripture.  Now as false teachers continue to ravage the Church, we are to understand they are only storing up judgment for themselves.  Every single human being that ever lived will glorify God. He will either be glorified in Mercy, or He will be glorified in Justice.  Under no circumstances should the true believer ever misinterpret the patience of God as a lack of concern or inability on His part.  God is patient because He is heaven bent on waiting until each and every chosen man and woman responds to the glory of the Gospel.  Get your Word on with us and shore up your defenses to the glory of Christ!


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Wait God’s Time