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I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. —John 12:46

Thoughts on Today’s Verse…

One of the great stories in the Gospel of John is Nicodemus. Nicodemus was a great teacher who came to Jesus at night, and Jesus told him that those who love the truth would come to the light. Later, Nicodemus spoke up for Jesus even though he was ridiculed for it. Then, at the worst possible time, politically and religiously, Nicodemus showed himself as Jesus’ disciple. He took the broken and dead body of Jesus and helped Joseph of Arimathea place Jesus’ body in a tomb. Nicodemus didn’t stay in the darkness, he came to Jesus from the darkness to the light. Neither should we. Jesus is the light of the world; if our light cannot be found in him, how deep is our darkness?


My Prayer…

Father, I want to walk in the light with you. The darkness of Calvary, the cross, and crucifixion, did not extinguish your light in Jesus. It made his light burn even more brightly for me. At the cross, I see your love for me. At the cross, I realize that Jesus took my sins away. At the cross, I see Jesus’ love for both you and me, and that love is perfected. Thank you, Father, for your gracious salvation. Thank you, Jesus, for your incredible sacrifice. And thank you, Jesus, for your light in the midst of our darkness. In your name, O, Jesus, our perfect Lamb, I pray. Amen.

Bible References

46 I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.

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  1. John 12:46
    “I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in Me should stay in darkness.”

    Jesus is addressing Jewish people here of which some had believed in Him and some had not. The ones who did believe Him were afraid to acknowledge it because of their fear of being put out of the synagogue by the Pharisees (vs. 42). So Jesus cries out our verse for today. He was their Light!
    Oh if they could only grasp the fact that their long awaited Messiah was standing right in front of them! The precious Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29) was breathing the same air as they were. They could look into His eyes and would be looking into the eyes of God ( John 12:45, John 14:6)!

    They are in spiritual darkness and He provides the “light” that they need to eradicate that darkness permanently. Apart from Him there is no deliverance from the blackness of sin, there is no guidance along the paths of life, and there is no knowledge as to the real meaning of life and the issues of eternity.
    But to anyone who follows Jesus, He promises a life flooded with His light! To follow Jesus means to believe on Him, to accept the free gift of salvation (Ephesians 2:8-9) that He offers through His shed blood on the cross (Romans 3:22-24), to be born again. To follow Him means to come to Him in repentance, to trust Him as Lord and Savior, and then to commit our whole life to Him (Romans 12:1-2). To those of us who have done this, we have the indwelling Holy Spirit which enables us to live our lives as Christ would have us to in obedience to God’s Word. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is in us through His Holy Spirit, so we can live lives that are God honoring.

    Jesus has indeed given us a clear and bright hope beyond the grave! Those who do not know Christ are stumbling around in the darkness of this life. Many are trusting in their own intelligence, other people, their wealth, etc…, to take them to heaven when they die. But we know that Christ is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6). We can introduce them to the true Light that can only be found in Jesus Christ, He is the beacon in the night for their souls. Lord help us to open our mouths and tell those in our lives that are yet unsaved about the wonderful light of Christ!

    Thank You Jesus for shedding Your blood for me. Thank You for shinning Your light into the darkness that was my life and rescuing me from myself, I love you so my Redeemer and give You all praise this day, Amen!

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