Always Give God The Start Of Your Day | Blessed Prayers To Encourage and Uplift Your Spirit

Dear father, you are the king of my heart you are my Lord and my Savior Lord Jesus. I praise you for such a deep and supernatural love that i can never repay.  How great is your love oh God, that you gave your only begotten son so that i should not perished but have everlasting life, i did not nothing to deserve this but yet you freely gave your son so i should not perished. Thank you for you everything. I pray Lord that i would never be a lover of self and lover of money but instead, may you always be the main love of my life. Lord, would you feel me with the Holy Spirit so that i would never deceive myself or anyone else by having an appearance of godliness yet denying the power. Instead, i desire to be radically transformed by the Holy Spirit. Maybe He work within me, to work and shape me into the kind of believer who you are pleased with Lord Jesus. I pray that you would search my heart, my motives, and my intentions examine me Lord and remove all ungodly traits and habits in my life. You are a God who knows all, who sees all, perfect me Lord Jesus, mold me, and empower me, anoint and seal me every day for in Jesus mighty name i pray. Amen…

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