What Does Job 42:2 Mean?

“I know that you can do anything and nothing that you plan is impossible. Job 42:2(ISV)

Verse Thoughts
It took Job some time to come to an understanding that he was indeed a guilty sinner – not for what he had done but for who he was, and that he had neither the cause nor the right to justify himself or to question the mighty hand of the omniscient and omnipotent God. For a time, all Job had was a shallow knowledge of God, but after his encounter with the Lord, he was given a deeper and more intimate awareness of Who God truly is.

Job’s whole world had collapsed in one day and he became pitiably derided by his friends and the laughing stock of the neighbourhood. In attempting to justify himself, Job demanded of the Lord to know why – why should this happen to one such as he who believed in God? Why should he suffer so much? – was his questioning murmur. But after his encounter with the God of the universe, Job came to a realisation that God knows all things, that God can do anything, and that God must be trusted unquestioningly to remain in charge of everything, without interference or accusations from those whose understanding of the deep things the Lord God, are so limited.

Job was indeed falsely accused by his friends, but the issue was not Job’s good name that was at stake, but the honour of the Lord – for by falsely accusing Job, these friends were indirectly accusing God. Job came to an understanding that God can do anything and has the right to do anything, without the creatures He created challenging His authority. And Job finally came to an understanding that God can do anything and nothing that He plans is impossible. But to reach this level of understanding there had to come about a deep humbling of himself, a self-loathing of who he was before God, and a true repentance – not a repentance from sin but a repentance of who he is – a recognition that in him dwells no good thing.

It was once said that the Son of God is revealed TO us by the teaching of men, but the Son of God is revealed IN us by the illumination of the Holy Spirit. This was the thrilling outcome of Job’s encounter with God and this is the lesson of faith and trust that God desires for all His children to understand – that God can do anything and God has the right to do whatsoever He will – and nothing that He plans and purposes is impossible, for He alone is God.

My Prayer
Dear Father God, when I look at the heavens and the wonderful works that You have made, what is man that You are mindful of us and yet You chose us – You chose me to be Your child. Let me live in humble submission to the leading of Your Spirit, knowing that in me dwells no good thing. I know that You can do all things and nothing that You plan is impossible. Thank You, in Jesus’ name, AMEN.


Bible References

I know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee.

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